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and Research


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and Culture


and Enterprise

with operations and strategy analysis.


communication, knowledge

& project management 

We work to strengthen the production and dissemination of valuable knowledge.

We work to support projects using advances in technology and

research to improve lives. ​​

We work to help secure

and regenerate contemporary narratives for heritage and culture.

Giving voice

Growing purpose

About Us

The Company 

Taskscape Associates Ltd. is a communications, knowledge and project management consultancy with in-house media production capability. The company facilitates value addition for projects and organisations by enhancing their communication-based business practices.

Our Associates

Clients’ requirements are met by a dynamic team of associates tailored to provide customised services. Taskscape’s network constitutes experienced professionals spanning a variety of business and media fields.

Alastair Simmons

Managing Director Alastair Simmons spent 22 years in the BBC as a director and producer of radio and televison. Working in departments across the UK including Features, Religion & Ethics and News his credits shape a diverse portfolio from Radio 4 documentaries on philosophical, literary and social themes through to outside television broadcasts including the BBC Anniversaries, 'Antiques Roadshow' and music festival 'T in the Park'. 

At the BBC Alastair also led initiatives for business, corporate affairs, training, innovation and development. He undertook a Foreign & Commonwealth Office overseas media secondment and following his role as Editor Music for BBC Scotland he was part of the team that managed the move to Pacific Quay, Glasgow, with responsibility for future-proofing digital production.​

As he left the BBC, Alastair completed an MBA at the award-winning Lancaster University Management School. His dissertation on Social Marketing and specialism in strategic HRM & organisational behaviour led him to found Taskscape Associates Ltd. in 2006.

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facilitating positive change 

we advise on strategy, management & communications

Associates can bring the perspective of various professions from architecture to development economics. The focus is on engaging with communication practices to aid change-management and strategic, operational or organisational behaviour changes. 

By auditing existing behaviours and solidifying targets we work to diminish the gap between reality and aspiration. We don't impose generic measures of success or efficiency but tailor our approach. Taskscape Associates won’t simply file a report and leave a ‘to-do list’. We are committed to removing barriers preventing the evolution and successful progression of clients’ activities.

Our ethos is based on social anthropologist Tim Ingold's concept of the ‘taskscape’ as a socially constructed space of human activity with boundaries and delimitations for the purposes of analysis. We take inspiration from his analogy with landscape and find that, although the cartographer’s eye is useful, there is equal value in walking the ground together. 

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