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The company is named after the concept of the 'taskscape' which was coined by social anthropologist Tim Ingold as 'a space of human activity with delineations and boundaries for the purposes of analysis'. Ingold makes an analogy with a landscape and we think Bruegel's painting perfectly captures our work which has ranged from supporting agricultural science, to rural heritage and the arts.

Why 'The Harvesters'? 

The nature of our work across different sectors means that while there are associates whose perspectives we use more regularly than others is not feasible to offer a summary of our entire network on this site. We call on associates based on the specific needs of our clients.

Why isn't there a list of associates?
How do I become an associate?

We are always interested to hear from people, whether based in Business or Media, who think they might share our interests or add value to what we do.  

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